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A native of Miami, Florida, Osiris Ramirez has always been attracted to the impact art has on the spirit. From a young age, he dabbled in drawing, sculpting, and photography. As the real world began to take shape around him, he pursued a degree in Marketing and Advertising and then worked in the corporate world before realizing he could no longer ignore his passion to capture extraordinary moments. After opening his photography studio in 2009, Osiris dedicated his time to helping families write the stories of their love, one snapshot at a time. Inspired by the adoration his parents still share after 35 years of marriage, Osiris enjoys capturing the special bond between couples and families. He uses his friendly disposition to make people comfortable enough to allow the dynamic of their relationship to shine. Seeing the joy families feel after preserving their special moments drives Osiris. His photography will illustrate pages in the story of your life.


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